It's All About Prevention

Our Prevention Model

Our model focuses on proactive solutions leveraging innovative data analytics and integrated collaboration to unite efforts against human trafficking.

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Integrated Partnerships

Building lasting partnerships with nonprofits, government agencies and survivor groups is crucial to the success of our work. Our partners’ knowledge and experiences are invaluable tools to deepen our understanding of trafficking specific to each community we’re in.

Data Analytics

We leverage data, and a type of artificial intelligence called predictive analytics to understand which key factors, or vulnerabilities, create the conditions for human trafficking so that we can predict which individuals and communities might be at greatest risk.

Prevention Efforts

After conducting our data analysis, we work with our partners to develop data-informed, sustainable solutions, focused on addressing vulnerabilities that occur long before an individual is ever trafficked.

We leverage data and technology to uncover why human trafficking occurs and who is most at-risk, then drive resolutions with partners to stop trafficking before it starts.

Mining for Gold: A Break Down of Our Process

Prevention Now's process for collecting, analyzing and using data to prevent human trafficking looks very similar to how companies mine for gold.

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